Freedom & Fashion x club casual


We hope to share the gift of comfort and confidence through our lounge pieces to these strong and powerful women of Freedom & Fashion. For every 3 orders, we are donating 1 collection 01 loungewear.



2020 has taught us that there’s so much to be grateful for in life and to show up when we can–no matter how big or small. 

As we release this new collection 02, we wanted to do something special. We’re partnering with Freedom and Fashion, a non-profit on the mission to use the arts of fashion and beauty to empower youth and women overcoming trafficking, domestic violence, and other injustices.

At club casual, we’re all about making women feel good–while producing less waste where we can! Through versatile everyday pieces, we want you to feel your best. We know how an outfit can be an immediate confidence booster.

Know that your order supports many others. We can’t wait for you, and the women of freedom and fashion to live in our loungewear.


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